Brikel EAD – Galabovo

Brikel EAD – Galabovo

BRIKEL EAD incorporates the old TPP Maritza East 1 and the Briquette factory. TPP Maritza East 1 is the first thermal power plant of East-Maritza power complex. It is located at about 5 km far of Galabovo village and 45 km of Stara Zagora town. It is bordered on the south-west by the Rozov kladenetz dam with area of 360 ha.

The plant is designed by Toploelectroproekt – Moscow, together with Energoproekt – Sofia. The building of the plant was executed at two stages.

At first stage between 1959 and 1962 were built the heating installation that consist of:

  • six drum type steam generators БКЗ-210-140-ФВ, manufactured by the boiler producing plant in Barnaul, Russia;
  • four turbines type ВПТ-50-4, manufactured by the Turbomotor plant in Ekaterinburg, Russia;
  • Drying workshop for preliminary coal drying.

The turbines in the plant are equipped with two steam extraction systems each, as from the system for industrial needs the steam is supplied by four ducts to the Briquette factory, located close to the plant for briquette manufacturing. A part of the steam and the steam from the heating steam extraction systems are supplied to Boiler installation that supplies Brikel EAD and some buildings in Galabovo with heat for domestic needs.

At the second stage of the construction works, between 1963 and 1964, a condenser part of the power plant was built that consists of two doubling Units of 150 MW each, the exploitation of which was stopped during the period 1988 – 1990 and this part was fully dismounted.

TPP Maritza East 1 is fed with coal from East Maritza basin, from Troyanovo 1 Mine, as well as from Troyanovo 3 Mine using trains for transportation.

Because of the specific characteristics of the high-ballast, low-calorific and with high sulphur contents lignite coals of the East Maritza basin, a system for preliminary drying of the coal is implemented in the plant.

ENERGOPROEKT developed a new burning plan because of numerous negative effects. It is:

Concentrated power fuel (CPF), i.e. dried briquetted lignite coals with caloricity 3800 ccal/kg are mixed with raw power coal at the ratio of 34-40 % CPF and 66-60 % power coal, is a fuel base of the plant.

The industrial tests carried out demonstrate the workability of this system. It was commissioned at the end of 1998, and the drying installation was stopped.

The advantages of the new system are numerous – ecological, fire-technical and economical.

The electric power of the old TPP Maritza East 1 is now 200 MW. In 2010 the plant has to be stopped due to environmental reasons and running out of the resource.

Design and consultancy services performed by ENERGOPROEKT during the last years:

  • Pre-design study for installation of a replacement capacity, together with JICA – Japan;
  • Electric power measurement for commercial purposes;
  • Brukel – TPP and Briquette factory, Investigation together with EIA (Annex 3);
  • Investigation of the possibilities for increasing of the electric power producing in BRIKEL EAD by means of reducing of the pressure of the industrial steam extraction system and using of steam extraction for heating needs;
  • Investigation of the possibilities for increasing of the economic efficiency of boilers and turbines in the TPP of BRIKEL EAD by means of improvement of the thermal diagram of the plant.
  • Environmental impact assessment report for BRIKEL EAD;
  • Building of Desulphurization installation for cleaning of the flue gases from sulphuric oxides in TPP of BRIKEL EAD, Galabovo – Pre-design study.

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